Here’s a list of the most common questions we receive. If your question still hasn’t been answered, feel free to contact us.

I need to find a Pit Bull friendly rental property.
Check out our Pit Bull friendly housing list.

I need help finding a rescue/shelter for a dog I own/found/know about.
First, check out our page on rehoming your dog. There’s a lot of helpful links. We are not a rescue, but we’ve identified some rescues and shelters in the DFW area that are Pit Bull friendly. Please check out our rescue resources page. We apologize that we can’t help with finding options for a particular dog, but our focus is on addressing the underlying issues that cause homeless Pit Bull type dogs, like breed restrictions, housing issues, etc.

My dog is showing signs of aggression. What can I do?
There’s a number of reasons dogs may start exhibiting signs of aggression, to people or other dogs. First, please take your dog to the vet and have a thorough examination. Dogs are masters at hiding pain, and that can definitely be a source of increasing intolerance or aggression. You may want to look into a behavioral vet as well.

If you get the all clear from the vet, we encourage you to reach out to an animal behaviorist/trainer who can help you identify why she is acting this way and some methods to manage it. Check out our trainers page for behavior modification specialists.

My dogs are fighting. I need help.
BadRap has a great page with resources for multi-dog homes.

I received a dog citation or I have a dangerous dog hearing scheduled. What should I do?
We strongly encourage you not to try and represent yourself in these hearings. DFW has two very knowledgable animal lawyers in the state, Randy Turner and Don Feare in Arlington (817) 543-2202. We encourage you to seek their advice.

I need other dog training help.
Check out our listing of trainers in the DFW area.

I’d like to get involved with your group.
We’re always looking for volunteers!