There are a number of homeowners insurance companies that do not discriminate against Pit Bulls.

State Farm is the largest homeowners insurance company in the United States and does not discriminate based on breed. They are also frequently on record supporting the Pit Bull community’s stance that breed is not a good indicator of a dog’s likelihood to be dangerous (hooray!).

We have heard that individual agents are able to refuse to issues policies based on the breed of dog. If your local agent refuses you a policy, it’s as simple as finding another agent. Check out our Pit Bull Friendly Businesses page for agents we know accept Pit Bull type dogs.

We’ve also been told that Safeco and Farmers will insure Pit Bull type dogs in Texas.

Our pals at Bless the Bully’s have compiled a list of other insurance companies that do not prohibit Pit Bull type dogs.

If you need specific dog liability insurance, we have confirmed that Einhorn Insurance writes policies in Texas.

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