We are working hard to plan DFW’s 2013 National Pit Bull Awareness Day celebration.

Since this is, for all intents and purposes, the first year we’ve hosted an event of this nature, we need to show potential sponsors that their business will receive valuable advertising in exchange for their vendor fees. The only way to prove this is by showing them the community’s interest in an event of this nature!

Please help us provide some data to potential sponsors by making a small (or large) donation to the event costs. Frankly, if we can’t cover the minimum event costs, we will have to cancel the event. Even a donation of $1 helps!

Facility usage: $290
Police fees: $120
Insurance: $100
Minimum amount needed: $510

Please help us put on an awesome event to celebrate Pit Bull type dogs in the DFW area. Your donations are always tax-deductible!