Check out Dogs Out Loud’s site where they have compiled an incredible list of behavior resources!

Urban Dogs has a suite of awesome You Tube videos for counter conditioning reactive dogs.

Huge suite of helpful handouts for pet adopters, owners & educators from Dumb Friends League

Say Please / Nothing In Life is Free – A program to help you get what YOU want – a nicely behaving dog – by teaching your dog about reciprocity and exchange using the things THEY want – food, walks, etc.

Resource Guarding – Does your dog growl when you approach his/her food bowl, toys, treats, etc? This is called resources guarding and it’s normal. Here’s some ideas to help curb this behavior.

Leash Reactivity – Does your dog act like a jerk when on leash around other dogs? You can fix it!

Peaceable Paws – a fantastic list of helpful articles on everything from teaching your dog to pee on command to preparing for baby.